Fleur de Corail

Brut - Prestige Rosé

A rosé d’assemblage which brings to mind warm tropical coastal waters, the great coral reef and its colonies which have modified the geography of the seas and oceans. Since the mists of time man has sought out coral as a symbol of beauty and a source of positive energy. In the same way as this precious marine gem, Fleur de Corail gives a powerful sense of aggregation at every sip and opens up to fulfilling experiences. It is a convivial Champagne to drink with friends and celebrate every moment of life, to sip on a white sand beach by the sea at aperitif time or on a hot summer evening.

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Main features

  • Grape varieties:

    Rosé d’assemblage 90% Pinot Noir with 10% of red Pinot Noir grapes from the same vineyard.

  • Area of provenance:

    Côte de Bar
    Geologically speaking, this is the oldest part of the Champagne region and its soil is clay-limestone. In particular we find Kimmeridge soil, a middle Jurassic geological conformation born from the compacting of the seabed which occupied this area made up of the calcareous shells of oysters and molluscs and calcium carbonate which acts directly on the vineyards, generating markedly minerally and salty notes.

  • Alcoholic fermentation:

    Takes place entirely in steel tanks.

  • Malolactic fermentation:


  • Ageing:

    24 months on the yeasts

  • Dosage:

    7 gr/l

  • Alcohol:


  • Serving temperature:


  • Tasting notes:

    Appearance: coral pink in colour, it has a delicate mousse with a fine, copious and persistent perlage with bubbles creating spirals of rare beauty.
    Bouquet: its aromas range delicately from red fruits, raspberries, wild strawberries to gooseberries with minuscule floral nuances. Never clichéd and, above all, never cloying - as many other rosè d’assemblage are - it is fairly dry and totally crisp.
    Palate: in the mouth it gets off to a frank, immediate start and releases all the fruity notes on its nose. The delicate caress of its perlage highlights menthol and mineral notes which accompany the harmonious and pure architecture of this wonderful Champagne. It ends with a long finish leaving a pleasantly savoury taste in the mouth, the result of those marine residues in the soil, which invites a further sip.

  • Food pairing suggestions:

    At any time of day, excellent with both fish and meat barbecues, with fresh salmon or an ox carpaccio. It accompanies and exalts duck with red berries and certain fresh soft and medium matured cheeses and goes especially well with tuna.