Straight to Your Target

NERO Lifestyle is a marketing and communication project which aims to position exclusive hotels and brands from a variety of product sectors which share the same big spender customer target. Its strong point is the development of a network of both domestic and international high-end relationships, nourished by the partners themselves by means of events varying in kind and context. NERO Lifestyle originated and has developed around the NERO Hotels brand, founded in 2012, whose member facilities provide exclusive accommodation for more than 400,000 big spenders every year. As industry studies frequently confirm, luxury hotels are the ideal place for monitoring and profiling big spenders' behaviour, tastes and attitudes and the channel of preference for encouraging and stimulating sharing and affinities, not only for products but also with regard to awareness, culture, experiences and interests. Partnership with NERO Lifestyle offers a brand a number of benefits:

  • Organisation of events targeting big spenders in prestige locations
  • Presence at all NERO Lifestyle events targeting big spenders
  • Brand presence inside NERO Hotels, in different forms depending on requirements
  • Inclusion in the six-monthly NERO Lifestyle magazine distributed in NERO Hotels and at all events organised or sponsored by NERO Lifestyle
  • Customer loyalty creation through discounts at NERO Hotels and personalised gift vouchers
  • Sales activities targeting the decision makers of the NERO Hotels and all the other 750 facilities in the Blastness portfolio

NERO Lifestyle is a project by Blastness group.

NERO Lifestyle is a Blastness group project. Certified as Italy's number 1 booking system provider for 5 star hotels, Blastness supplies technological platforms, activities, services and consulting for hotel business development, with a portfolio including more than 750 facilities.