#ORAMIVEDI: raising funds with a unique look at the beauty of the person

To set our eyes on the uniqueness of the person, in all its human beauty. A gaze capable of staring the eye to face the everyday, but also to look to the future with hope. At the center a vision of solidarity that becomes an opportunity for everyone to read with new eyes the experience of the other and their history. This is the concept of #ORAMIVEDI, the awareness-raising and fundraising evening-event promoted by Punto Ottico Humaneyes and Akoni Group in favor of the NeMO Clinical Center in Milan, which specializes in the care of people with ALS and neuromuscular diseases.

In Punto Ottico's space, which more than a store likes to define itself as a project where ideas and images become reality, eyewear from Akoni Group's collections were on display for the occasion, with exclusive brands chosen for the benefit evening as well as the photography works of Federico Garibaldi, an international artist, Milanese by adoption, who won the "Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award."

Promoting the aperitivo was SLAFOOD, the association born from the intuition of Davide Rafanelli, a person with ALS and a patient of NeMO in Milan, and Roberto Carcangiu, President APCI Chef, for supporting the nutritional intake projects of NeMO Clinical Centers. Thanks to them and the talent and creativity of chefs Filippo La Mantia, Elio Sironi, Christian Benvenuto, and Fabio Zanetello, who prepared exclusive finger foods, the evening was even more special.

The event ended on a sweet note with a tasting of chocolate pralines by master Ernst Knam.
Funds were raised during the evening to support OPTOLAB
, NEMOLAB's vision research and treatment laboratory.