"Memories that Matter" is an exclusive experience, conceived by Mark Aldridge and promoted by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, which offered a small, selected audience the unique opportunity to attend an intimate dinner hosted by Maestro Andrea Bocelli. On 30 September 2023 in Florence, Maestro Bocelli and his family had the pleasure of hosting a unique event, which was anything but a classic charity dinner, allowing guests to create and cherish unforgettable memories. For the occasion, the Bocelli family personally took care of every detail, from the drinks to the cuisine, from the table settings to the music selection. The main goal of the event was to raise essential funds for the ABF GlobaLab, an innovative project that aims to engage young people through innovative educational activities, workshops, talks and cultural events, with the support of world-renowned experts in various fields to enhance the talents of future generations.

At the end of the evening all participants received shopping bags with the latest issue of the magazine and the NERO Lifestyle flyer inside, a €200 gift card to spend in the hotels in the collection, and an exclusive branded gadget.