NERO Lifestyle attended as Sponsor the event at the Congusto Gourmet Institute in Milan to present SLAFOOD, the Association that unites the talents of Italian chefs in support of the NeMO Clinical Centres, born from the idea of President Davide Rafanelli, a patient of the NeMO Centre in Milan who has been living with ALS for almost two years and an entrepreneur with decades of experience in food and social inclusion projects. Present at the event were the General Manager of the seven NeMO Centres, Stefano Regondi, and Federica Cerri, a neurologist and ALS area manager at the Milan NeMO Centre.

Among the Chefs in the room: Christian Benvenuto, Andrea Bevilacqua, Stefano Callegaro, Domenico Della Salandra, Francesco Falanga, Gabriele Gorlato, Felix Lo Basso, Sergio Mei, Elio Sironi, Roberto Valbuzzi, Fabio Zanetello. Special participation by Carlo Cracco in remote connection. 

The exclusive NERO Lifestyle Champagne cuvèe accompanied the aperitif together with finger food prepared by the Congusto Gourmet Institute cooking school and at the end of the event each guest received a shopper with the NERO Lifestyle Magazine and a special gift.