Clé D'Hiram

Zero Dosage/Pas Dosé – Blanc de Noir Millésimé

An emblem of beauty and know-how, traceable to the world of art in the form of Hiram Abif, a man of extraordinary talent and creativity sent by powerful King Solomon to build his great temple, the house of the Lord. No-one knew how to work metals, stone and wood like he did. Clé d’Hiram is thus the key which man uses to leave a trace of his existence and communicate with future generations.

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Main features

  • Grape varieties:

    100% Pinot Noir

  • Area of provenance:

    Vellée de la Marne
    Grapes from one of the terroirs best suited to Pinot Noir with an optimal grape ripening sun exposure generating an ideal balance between acids and sugars.

  • Alcoholic fermentation:

    Takes place entirely in wood barrels.

  • Malolactic fermentation:


  • Ageing:

    60 months on the yeasts

  • Dosage:

    0 gr/l – Zero Dosage

  • Alcohol:


  • Serving temperature:


  • Tasting notes:

    Appearance: Golden yellow with copper highlights, a perlage of rare beauty for unhurried observation and contemplation. Its bubbles seem to be playfully chasing each other in their rush to get to the surface and release all this champagne’s incredible aromas. A soft, bright white and smooth mousse.
    Bouquet: energetic, lively but, above all, warm. An explosion of aromas whose infinite complexity takes nothing of their ordered, elegant linearity and perfect recognisability away. A fruity, minerally but also smoky start with evident charred wood nuances. A mildly spicy touch prepares the mouth for a great surprise.
    Palate: a triumph of flavours in the mouth, an unforgettable life experience. A ripe fruit start gives way to cream, roast coffee, pear jam, butter and honey nuances verging on the chewy and three dimensional. The mild zinginess of the perlage accompanies these flavours with an almost salty tanginess generating a constant alternation of softer notes juxtaposed with more powerful, edgier sensations, all in constant and ideal balance.

  • Food pairing suggestions:

    A champagne to be drunk right through a meal, ideal with noble fish cooked in complex ways and elaborate sauces. Excellent with meat in all versions and cooking methods from white meat to game. Try it with cheese, both cow and goat milk and blue and mature cheeses too. It goes especially well with prawns both raw and cooked.