The hand-painted supercar trend

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT prototype surprised everyone with its bold colors and daring style, but upon closer inspection, we can confirm that this is the latest—and perhaps the most significant—expression of a trend rapidly gaining ground in the supercar industry. We are talking about hand-painted supercars, a trend that has already involved brands such as Porsche and Lamborghini.


One of the most prominent names in this form of art is Shalemar Sharbatly, an internationally celebrated Saudi artist who can be credited as the pioneer of the "Moving Art" concept. This initiative aims to break art free from the confines of elitist gallery spaces by transforming everyday objects—such as cars—into conceptual pieces that reach millions of viewers. It embodies the profound notion of using art as a vehicle for expression. Colors serve as the messengers of her art, carefully selected to evoke specific moods, create spatial dimensions, play with light and shadow, or introduce symbolic associations.


Sharbatly is renowned as the first woman commissioned by the government of Saudi Arabia to create street art and murals. Her distinct style has graced the walls of Jeddah, while her hand-painted design on a Porsche 911 was showcased at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Recently, she unveiled her latest work in Jeddah as part of the Kingdom's 90th National Day celebrations. Her supercars are genuine works of art, and it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of brands are captivated by them, drawing inspiration for their new releases.