Hotel Metropole

Overlooking the lagoon, where the view over San Giorgio Island is spectacular, the Metropole Hotel is located few steps from the Biennale d’arte and Piazza San Marco. Eccentric, warm, eclectic, the place where each detail tells a story.

The atmosphere is fascinating and welcoming, created by candle lights, perfumes and incenses that spread a delicate fragrance everywhere. A 5 star hotel that seduces, with Suites that simply thrill, the most surprising collection of antiques ever to be found and a garden with exotic charm, an ideal setting for breakfast in the morning and small events, where a 16th century wellhead is placed.

67 rooms, all different, where fine 18th century antiques alternate with oriental furniture and art deco, decorated with rich Fortuny and Bevilacqua fabrics and fine silks and velvets, conjuring up images of the Venice tradition.

An unconventional hospitality experience that is completed with the Orientalbar & Bistrot, an unmissable stop for artists and musicians who gather here to sip perfect Martini Cocktails and taste traditional Venetian cuisine with an intriguing twist of aromas and spices. To rediscover relaxation at any time of the day, the Spa offers an environment for exclusive use dominated by a warm water pool that takes you back to the atmosphere of the ancient Hammam.

The resulting mood is incomparable and nothing nothing happens by chance.


warm, eclectic

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