Hotel l'Orologio Venezia

A hotel entirely dedicated to the world of haute horlogerie or fine watchmaking, situated in a wonderful location on the Grand Canal, close to the famous Rialto bridge and 5 minutes’ walk from St Mark’s Square. The hotel features typically Venetian materials, colours and finishes, such as Istrian stone and cocciopesto, and marries these with haute horlogerie aesthetics.

On the ground floor the large space containing the reception, bar and lounge areas is unified by quartz concrete flooring in a warm red tone. The walls feature original wall tapestries restored and modernised with a red lime wash and the original wooden ceilings have been restored and maintained. The haute horlogerie theme is further developed by means of unique interpretations: original internal mechanisms in elegant boiseries in the reception area; large watch hands displayed in the bar area and faithful, working, reproductions of important collectors’ watches.

References to the haute horlogerie theme continue on the upper floors and are manifested by elements such as the key card readers, door handles and the faithful reproductions of watches placed above the entrances to the rooms and in the focal points of the corridors. The rooms of the Hotel L’Orologio, many of which overlook the Grand Canal, are decidedly modern and minimalist in style, yet demonstrate great attention to detail.