Hotel l'Orologio Firenze

The leading theme of the L’O Hotel is the international Haute Horlogerie (Fine Watchmaking) inspired, in particular, by the collections of vintage wristwatches. Here, some of the finest top-end watches become decoration details and interior suggestions. A strong personality and deep man's traits are the base ideas of the L’O. The interior design, entrusted to Ms.

Marianna Gagliardi, architect, aims to an extreme attention to details: a wide and fascinating sensory experience involving sight and smell, and the great importance of the materials like leather, parchment paper, dark brass and woods recalling the colours and the scents of tobacco. This hotel aims to represent a passionate tribute to the magical world of watches in its most prestigious expressions. The concept behind the hotel L'Orologio is quite unique as it derives its inspiration from the world of haute horologerie.

Each floor of the hotel is dedicated to a prestigious watch brand: Rolex, Vacheron-Constantin e Patek Philippe, and each room is dedicated to a particular model, with paintings and pictures that artistically depict the watch. The rooms are full of character thanks to the mahogany floors and furnishing and to the upholstery in leather, velvet and selected fabrics that create a particularly warm atmosphere.