Réserve Suprême

Brut Millésimé

A hymn to life in all its facets, a special reference to those little and marvellous things which man has never fully appreciated but always enjoyed. Réserve Suprême has profound bonds with its native land and has established a quasi-symbiotic relationship with nature, using ancient wine making methods as one of its most sophisticated expressions. A single vintage wine made only in the best years, left to age in French oak barrique which are not simply containers but also give the wine particular characteristics: the micro-oxygenation which passes between one barrel strut and the next creates minuscule oxidation effects which exalt the fragrances and aromas of this splendid Champagne making it unique, wonderful, supreme.

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Main features

  • Grape varieties:

    60% Chardonnay + 40% Pinot Noir

  • Area of provenance:

    Vallée de la Marne
    Prevalently clayey and sandy. This cuvée’s grape varieties are grown on a flat area near the River Marne with marked limestone and chalk soils, an unusual and precious feature of the area which gives it savoury and mineral notes.

  • Alcoholic fermentation:

    Takes place entirely in French oak barrique.
    Filtering is not artificial but natural using the cold decantation method.

  • Malolactic fermentation:


  • Ageing:

    72 months on the yeasts

  • Dosage:

    6 gr/l

  • Alcohol:


  • Serving temperature:


  • Tasting notes:

    Appearance: golden yellow with highlights of the colour of straw left to dry in the sun an extremely sophisticated and compact mousse of a splendid bright white colour, an extremely fine, copious and persistent perlage which draws you in for a closer look.
    Bouquet: a bouquet of ultra-elegant aromas. The long ageing in barrique, firstly, and the bottle, later, give it breadth, complexity and intensity. Notes of fresh walnuts and toasted almonds alternate with fruity sensations which range from quince apples to red berry undergrowth. After a few moments in the glass, the wine releases tobacco aromas with the addition of smoky and woody notes. It is a bouquet which in no way betrays the expectations of great Champagne lovers who can have fun discovering unique, novel and one-off sensations.
    Palate: thanks also to its fine bubbles which tickle your palate, in the mouth the wine is extremely fresh and youthful as if it had never spent all those long years ageing. In perfect harmony with its aromas, it releases a totally overwhelming energy which is always perfectly balanced. Citrus notes meld with savoury, caramelised nuances, elegant touches of biscuits and butter which join in the finish with cinnamon, coffee and bitter cocoa aromas making this Champagne irresistible.

  • Food pairing suggestions:

    A rare Champagne to be sipped slowly with your favourite foods but also alone as a contemplation wine. The perfect companion for a special occasion. An interesting pairing is with white Alba truffles which express all the power of their aromas and flavours with this Champagne.