Folie Royale


A wine which prompts curiosity and euphoria as if we are perceiving the ‘riches’ and ‘fortune’ accessible to us for the first time and coming into contact with our own precious qualities. Folie Royale conjures up images of the world of jewellery, precious stones and precision watch hands, bringing in all the four elements - earth, fire, air and water - in an alchemy journey: from terroir’s kingdom of matter to the fire with which gold and silver are worked, indispensable cooling water and air for its reflections, colours and luminosity.  Folie Royale is a moment of joy, satisfaction and serenity which begins with a pre-dinner drink and ends late in the night.

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Main features

  • Grape varieties:

    80% Pinot Meunier + 20% Chardonnay

  • Area of provenance:

    Vallée de la Marne
    Geologically speaking, Vallée de la Marne is the youngest part of the Champagne region as the upward thrust of the Alps to the south-east and the sinking of the Parisian basin to the north-west pushed its chalk layers deeper and deeper, favouring the raising of the clay, sand and a small amount of limestone.

  • Alcoholic fermentation:

    Takes place entirely in steel tanks.

  • Malolactic fermentation:


  • Ageing:

    36 months on the yeasts

  • Dosage:

    10 gr/l

  • Alcohol:


  • Serving temperature:


  • Tasting notes:

    Appearance: bright, luminous straw yellow with intense golden highlights. A delicate, fine, white mousse. Fine, copious and persistent perlage with slender micro-bubble chains.
    Bouquet: distinct complexity with initially youthful nuances giving way to a more complex and sophisticated aromatic development. Fruity, fresh and citrusy, enlivened by mineral notes and yeast and bread crust nuances. After a few minutes the aroma bouquet turns towards exotic fruit aromas like mango and passion fruit.
    Palate: the perlage slides naturally across the palate and its bubbles massage the taste buds leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and sapidity. A full-bodied, balanced Champagne with a good nose-mouth correspondence: initially delicate and lively it gradually releases its citrus aromas before finishing with a fine, mildly peppery note.

  • Food pairing suggestions:

    White meats such as pork and chicken, fattier fish such as salmon and tuna including in sauces, grilled seafood, light meat pastas and seafood sauces, including complex ones. Mild and soft cheeses. A supreme pairing is with oysters, however salty. This Champagne will bring them out and exalt their marine aromas.