Cuvée du Tzar

Zero Dosage/Pas Dosé

Perfectly embodies the ideal of power and authority as personified by the Tsar. From the Latin Caesar, this is a title which the Russian emperors used. And just as the Tsars demonstrated their attachment to their native land over their history, defending it against attacks by foreign enemies, so Cuvée du Tzar’s bouquet of aromas and flavours demonstrates a continual clash of nuances, sensations and flavours which leave every palate completely satisfied and at peace. Its cork is tied on by hand with cord as was customary historically, with no metal capsule. Zero dosage, for sincerity’s sake, in all its naked splendour. A one-off edition, created just once in human history and never to be repeated. 762 rare numbered and named collectors’ bottles. One single bottle per person. When all the bottles have been sold, a register of all those lucky enough to own one will be compiled.

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Main features

  • Grape varieties:

    100% Pinot Meunier

  • Area of provenance:

    Coteaux south of Epernay
    Prevalently limestone-clay soil. A one off cuvée made for an exceptional harvest when, in the special vineyard set aside for the harvest of the grapes for Ile sur le Nil an unparalleled spectacle revealed itself: as a result of a series of lucky and random weather events, the central section of this vineyard, already a special one, had few very bunches with an equally small number of grapes on them of a size and colour which had never been seen before. Duly and rapidly analysed, we realised that their acidity level was perfect at the very least and, above all, they emanated a very unusual, intensely pungent aroma which was so pronounced as to be on the verge of being disagreeable. We thus decided to make human and Champagne history with a unique cuvée, different from any other, with a sophisticated, elegant and delicate flavour which succeeded in communicating that unusual aroma in such a way that anyone lucky enough to taste it could close their eyes and imagine themselves in that vineyard on that very day. Just a few months on the yeasts, an indispensable minimum, so that these unique aromas were not lost but jealously conserved.

  • Alcoholic fermentation:

    Takes place entirely in French oak barrique.

  • Malolactic fermentation:


  • Ageing:

    30 months on the yeasts

  • Dosage:

    0 gr/l – Zero Dosage

  • Alcohol:


  • Serving temperature:


  • Tasting notes:

    Appearance: Deep, bright and lively golden yellow. The bottles are transparent to allow it to show off all its beauty, a microscopic perlage and a smooth mousse resembling star dust.
    Bouquet: an unparalleled, incomparable nose. A perfect marriage between mother nature’s exceptional event and human intelligence forged by years of experience which together recreated the same sensations as that late summer afternoon a few years ago, in the glass. It is a beginning which conjures up the pungent aromas of hydrocarbons. A few minutes later, when it makes contact with oxygen wonderful toasted croissant, citrus jam, pastries, butter biscuits, candied peel, honey and cardamom aromas open up.
    Palate: after such an intense nose, we would expect an equally powerful palate. The unique feature of this cuvée, however, is a flavour which while extremely complex, sophisticated and delicately elegant in juxtaposition to this explosion of fragrances, is unique and disarming to say the least. A perfect acidity-sapidity balance with a quasi-creamy finish, a mixture of mandarin, nectarine and pomegranate with a persistence and linearity capable of generating ultra-powerful vibrations which inebriate not solely your taste buds but your whole soul too.

  • Food pairing suggestions:

    Such a unique and one-of-a-kind wine can be drunk with any food but is also a Champagne to be drunk as a contemplation wine.