Nero Hotels

A collection of excellences of Italian Hospitality: historic houses, big hotels, exclusive guest houses, seaside and mountain resorts, boutique hotels and important palaces. They all represent the uniqueness of the territory in which they are located, where you can live authentic and unforgettable experiences.

NERO Hotels is a Marketing and Communications company aiming to increase the visibility of the hotels within their specific markets; targeting potential high spending clientele.

NERO Hotels enjoys a high level of Italian and International network of relationships - involving and developed by partners of the company. Sharing these relationships with owners and management of participating hotels in many and varied high exposure public relations opportunities and events.

The relationship with NERO Hotels does not have to be exclusive, hotels are free to join other similar affiliations and other representative brands or International/National membership networks. The marketing activities implemented by NERO Hotels are a valuable asset; complimenting the hotel network and adding creating added value.