Nero Champagne

Nero Champagne is a collection of 13 privately owned cuvèes, 13 top wines from Champagne's best areas some of which are limited and numbered editions. They are the maximum expression of the wine making art, representing a sensory journey which ranges across a wide range of emotions from the sweetness of varietal Chardonnay, with its fantastic Blanc de Blancs, to the austerity of a 100% Pinot Noir without neglecting more unusual cuvées, the special single harvest wines passing through romantic rosé d’assemblage to a rare and vigorous Rosé de Saigneé.

Thirteen collectors’ editions, numbered like a fine encyclopaedia, encompassing the peculiarities of each individual Champagne, listing terroir, wine making method, serving temperature, visual, bouquet and palate tasting notes, food pairings but above all the sensations they generate on each sip, the magical atmospheres which they manage to evoke and the special occasions they contribute to celebrating.

These cuvées are the fruit of around twenty years of research, tastings, journeys and, above all, hard work: years spent selecting the most suitable areas within the Champagne region and then, more precisely, the highest quality vineyards within these areas but, to an even greater extent, as Champagne is a perfect marriage between mother nature and the human mind, which producers were the most able minds, so to speak. Small scale producers, all from different areas, were selected, winners of multiple gold medals at the most important wine fairs in the world, a long way away from the industrialisation of the grand maisons, producers who still know how to make incredible products, in a fully artisanal way.

Nero Champagne will be there at the most exclusive places, the finest restaurants and charming hotels and during the most important NERO Lifestyle events to offer new and exclusive experiences and give even the most assiduous consumers of French bubbles the chance to explore undiscovered aromas and flavours.


To Taste

Thirteen volumes to collect, numbered, as an encyclopaedia of great value, which contain within them the peculiarities of each individual Champagne.

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Jeux de Froid

Evokes images of snowy winter landscapes cloaked in white, rediscovering a landscape of silent and dazzling whiteness. Fine and imperceptible snow, freezing cold air emanating aromas and fragrances fr...


Cuvée D'Orient

A chance to transform small everyday actions into pure pleasure rituals. It is a journey through historic flavours, unknown places and lost civilisations, conjuring up magical summer nights with ...


Île Sur Le Nil

A one-of-a-kind Champagne which inebriates the senses and enraptures the mind just like the many islands which make up the River Nile. Anyone who hears them spoken of remains struck by them, almo...


Folie Royale

A wine which prompts curiosity and euphoria as if we are perceiving the ‘riches’ and ‘fortune’ accessible to us for the first time and coming into contact with our own pre...


Jalon du Plaisir (Tradition)

Fulfils desires and aspirations of all sorts, a veritable triumph of the senses. The more you sip it the more you want. A sort of adrenalin is created which you will feel deep down in your soul and st...


Cuvée Almas

A symbol of luxury, sophistication and uniqueness, conjuring up an image of precious things, diamonds, the rarest and most exclusive caviar in the world which is not a food but a life experience,...


Cru des Neiges

Shows its unique, inimitable savoir faire, packed with passion and authenticity, right from the first sip. Its bouquet conjures up the cosy atmospheres of the mountains, the fragrances of a snowy fore...


Sceptre Noir

Symbol of power and strength, it stands out at the first taste. The sceptre is an emblem of authority in the hands of a king for the special mission entrusted him as his people’s ‘shepherd...


Fleur de Corail

A rosé d’assemblage which brings to mind warm tropical coastal waters, the great coral reef and its colonies which have modified the geography of the seas and oceans. Since the mists...


Côte du Rêve

The guardian of instinctive urges and involuntary promptings, dreamlike images, theatre and music performances in the sense of art capable of bringing memories, thoughts, emotions and dreams to the su...


Cuvée du Tzar

Perfectly embodies the ideal of power and authority as personified by the Tsar. From the Latin Caesar, this is a title which the Russian emperors used. And just as the Tsars demonstrated their attachm...


Clé D'Hiram

An emblem of beauty and know-how, traceable to the world of art in the form of Hiram Abif, a man of extraordinary talent and creativity sent by powerful King Solomon to build his great temple, the hou...


Réserve Suprême

A hymn to life in all its facets, a special reference to those little and marvellous things which man has never fully appreciated but always enjoyed. Réserve Suprême has profound bon...


Nero Champagne

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